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District Business Brokers was founded with a mission to provide business owners with a trusted and reliable resource for buying and selling businesses. In an industry where oversight may be lacking and knowledge can be limited, we stand out by bringing a wealth of legal, real estate, and business experience to every transaction. Our expertise makes us a trusted resource and a valued partner.

With over 20 years of experience, we have assisted countless local business owners in achieving their desired prices when selling their businesses. We have cultivated a large and proprietary list of buyers who have demonstrated recent interest in purchasing businesses. Our unique and highly effective marketing strategies have consistently delivered successful outcomes, allowing us to accomplish our sellers' goals.

At the core of our success is Matthew Gorman, the principal of District Business Brokers. Matthew brings a distinguished background in legal, real estate, and business ownership, making him uniquely qualified in this field. His extensive knowledge and experience ensure that every transaction is handled with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

Our team leverages our backgrounds in law, real estate, and business ownership to provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of business acquisitions and sales. Beyond buying and selling businesses, we are well-versed in assisting clients with leasing, permitting, zoning, and licensing matters. Our expertise extends far beyond that of traditional business brokers, allowing us to serve as trusted consultants throughout the entire process.

At District Business Brokers, we treat our clients as trusted partners. We understand the significance of each transaction and prioritize your best interests. With highly skilled professionals on our team, we go beyond the surface-level details and ensure that the deals you make align with your objectives.

As a full-service business brokerage, we are committed to guiding you through every step of the transaction. Our experienced brokers provide the expertise and guidance needed to ensure that the deal you make is the one that makes sense for you.

When you choose District Business Brokers, you can trust that you have a dedicated partner by your side, ready to navigate the complexities of business transactions with your goals in mind. Contact us today at (240) 460-6590 to experience the difference of working with a trusted and experienced business brokerage.

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